We believe that your horses should be treated better while they are in our care than they would at home. We feed top quality hay mixtures (alfalfa, timothy, brome and orchard grass) depending on each horses needs. While client horses are at our place they are all kept in individual panel pens. No wire, fighting or competing for food. This way each horse is safe and gets the whole amount of their ration. We feed whole oats, sweet feed, Hoffman’s mineral, manna pro, beet pulp, corn and Hoffman’s quad blocks to insure that each horse looks and feels it best during training.

Vaccination Program
Spring - 4 way / west Nile Rhino/Influenza,
Fall - Rhino & Influenza and every 2 months on show horses
Rhino - 5,7,9 on pregnant mares 
Pinnical - strangles vaccination each fall
West nile -each spring

Every 3 months, Ivermec, eqvalan or quest

Hoof Care
Trims or reset every 8 weeks 
Sharp shoes on feedlot horses during the winter
Sliders with removable corks for slippery conditions.